DJ Music for Weddings

Well Carolyn and Ryan’s big day is tomorrow.  I can’t believe it.  This morning we’re going to talk about music, and who better to have that conversation with than Fayyaz Khimani of Pez Productions.  Fayyaz and Pez Productions are literally the hottest act in Calgary and you are going to want to see him in action at The Pop-up Wedding tomorrow.

Door Prize

As a special treat to one couple in attendance tomorrow, Fayyaz is offering a custom music mix as door prize.  Hear what Fayyaz has to say about setting the tone for your big day…through music.


DJ Music for Weddings

Describe your ideal couple.

Your age or style of wedding doesn’t matter, but we like to think of our demographic as simply couples who want to throw a party. Our expertise lies in infusing the crowd with energy and making your reception a blast – so for those who want soft background music to mingle to, or low-key tunes for the whole evening, we’re probably not your ideal DJ group. We also enjoy working with couples who have hired wedding planners, because these coordinators let us focus on making awesome memories and blasting the best music, instead of keeping festivities of the evening aligned with the schedule.

How do you motivate everyone to get up on the dance floor?

This is all about knowing our music collection and reading the crowd before music even starts. Through scanning the room during cocktail hour and dinner time, our DJs can observe what gets the guests feet tapping and while picking up on that cue, choose the songs that best compliment the age, gender and fashions that make up the room.

Why are you excited to participate in The Pop-up Wedding?

I enjoy getting the chance to network with Brides.  I feel that music is such a a vital part of their evening and choosing the right entertainment can make and or break the event. Emails tend to hide emotion so that getting to know a client is a lot more challenging.  Face-to-face communication allows me to get the know the client and their music preferences on a more personal level. This is a two way street however, as not only do they get to meet me face to face and get an idea for how we do things, I get a chance to see if there are they type of client we want to work with and have as part of our portfolio. We do have a standard that we are known for and it helps when our clients align with that standard.  That’s when we can really enhance their event.  Meeting and networking with them is the best way to evaluate for both parties. With the Pop-up I’m excited that’s it’s more of a ‘personal touch event’, small and intimate.  This allows for  a more personal connection with the brides as opposed to a large wedding fair event where there is so much going on.  Often at a fair, half of the guests are overwhelmed within 20 minutes and are in more of a hurry to get through all of the aisles, than to collect information. This intimate setting will be great to allow brides to get a first look at what we do and how important the DJ is in the evening.  It will help them to decide on the type of entertainment they feel would be best for their wedding by understanding the entertainment process better.

From a recent interview with Fayyaz of Pez Productions

Do you have your tickets reserved for The Pop-up Wedding?  50 Complimentary tickets are still available to brides and grooms by calling Kensington Riverside Inn at 403-228-4442.  Come and see Fayyaz and the other vendors in action.

  1. Linda says:

    Good Luck tomorrow! Hope it’s so fun. Wish I could be there to see the awesomeness that is sure to happen with the great team you have!!

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