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Sophisticated photos

Sophisticated photos that stand the test of time

 So, it's understandable that you want wedding photos that truly depict your day.​​​​​​​

To revisit these milestone moments for years to come, you want a wedding album full of photographs that look as natural as they feel.

As years pass by, our memories fade.

Wedding photography that​​​​​​​ captures the true essence of your day - the tear-filled hugs, time honored traditions, and all the joyful memories in between. 

Wedding photography that​​​​​​​ captures the true essence of
 your day - the tear-filled hugs, time-honored traditions,
and all the joyful memories in between. 



Memories Made

Memories Made Last

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Courtesy of Corrina Walker Photography

Rather than manipulating your story or personality, I draw from your emotion and experience. And having photographed weddings for more than 15 years, I know how to translate it into beautiful photographs.

So, instead of seeing your favorite moments unfold through intrusive angles or forced poses, your photos will invite  you to relive your favorite day exactly as you remember it.

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Hi, I'm Tara Whittaker

She is absolutely amazing at capturing naturally beautiful moments, as well as crafting them with her talent for lighting! ... Her professional guidance gave us confidence and we saw the amazing results each time! - Sarah

"She is absolutely amazing at capturing naturally beautiful moments"

Falling in love was breezy and uncomplicated. You deserve a wedding photographer who makes the process just as seamless​​​​​​​.

effortless experience


Natural Posing | Natural Photos | Natural Memories

a  effortless experience

To discover how I guide my clients through
an easy experience in front of the camera,
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After you say "I do!", we'll meet at my home studio to unveil your completed gallery and watch a personalized slideshow. There, I'll guide you through the best ways to save, share, store, and print your photos.

I make saving, sharing, and printing your photos a breeze.


Before the big day, we'll meet to discuss the logistics and details. To make sure nothing is rushed or overlooked, I'll work alongside your planner to offer expert advice on crafting your timeline.

I make capturing your meaningful moments effortless.


Engagement sessions, if you choose one, allow us​​​​​​​ to 
get to know one another. I'll observe more about your dynamic, understand what makes you tick, and provide a level of posing guidance to match.​​​​​​​ 

I make taking portraits a cinch.


After you fill out the inquiry form, we'll begin with a conversation. You'll share your wedding plans, and I'll create custom coverage options that align perfectly with your needs and preferences. 

I make selecting the right package simple.


[Our engagement session] was one of my favourite memories...Both myself and my fiancé were nervous as we never done any photoshoots before, she guided us with ease and by the end of the session it just felt natural. - Claire

"She guided us with ease—it just felt natural."

The best photos evoke the feeling of the day in a timeless, true-to-you way. So, live in the moment and allow my organic approach to produce naturally stunning photos​​​​​​​.

 Take a peek into my portfolio to see just what I mean. 

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Heather & Andrew


Justine & Geoff


Heba & Karim



"Breathtakingly beautiful. We were stunned about how [our photos] turned out."

​​​​​​​With a focus on natural imagery and true-to-life color, I'll turn your photography dreams into commemorative works of art.

 If my approach resonates, reach out to claim your date.

Let's turn these incredible memories into unforgettable photographs.


Sophisticated photos that stand the test of time.