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Kari Bedford of Knot Planning has been my right hand ever since she came on board for The Pop-up Wedding.  She is an outstanding wedding planner and has been creating beautiful decor for Sunday’s event, in addition to keeping me in line.  I first met Kari last summer when I was photographing Krista & James’ wedding at The Art Gallery of Calgary.  I liked her from her first email as she was laid back, yet completely organized.  I guess you could say she “had me at hello”.  As a photographer, I appreciated her open discussion about the wedding timeline and the way she facilitated my job on the day.  I know that Krista & James loved her as well.  Brides and Grooms, I would highly recommend that you chat with Kari on Sunday about having her plan your own wedding.


Knot Planning – Calgary Wedding Planning

I asked Kari to tell us about Knot Planning and how it all began…

When I was engaged and planning my own wedding, people kept saying to me “I bet you’ll be glad when your wedding day finally gets here and this is all over!”. But I wasn’t … I wanted to do it forever! So, 5 years later, here I am. It wasn’t quite that simple of course but, I love my job even more now than when I started. It’s a huge honour to be part of someone’s wedding day and an unexpected bonus of working in this industry is how rewarding it is and how often I stay long-time friends with the brides and grooms. 


What makes you different than your competitors?

The great thing about the wedding planners in Calgary is that we all have different styles so engaged couples are sure to find someone who suits them perfectly. My weddings are usually more laid back and unique, with a lot of homegrown love thrown in. Outdoor ceremonies, restaurants and art galleries are some of my favourite venues … I’ve only done one wedding in a hotel ballroom! It’s not often that you get all of the people that you love in one room so I think weddings are a great time to take advantage of that and throw a big, fun dinner party. There are so many ways to personalize a wedding so I love working with the couples to incorporate all of those touches that make it theirs. I also put a lot of focus on having fun throughout the planning process. There are bound to be stressful moments and it’s definitely an emotionally charged time but, my hope is that while you’ll be very excited for your wedding day to arrive, you’ll also be just a little bit sad to be done the planning.


Floral design by Jaime of Fleurish Flower Shop.  Jaime will also be joining us on Sunday at The Pop-up Wedding.


You’ve found each other. I’d say that’s worth celebrating!

Why are you excited to participate in the Pop Up Wedding?

When Tara approached me about the Pop Up Wedding, I jumped at the opportunity. The bridal fairs are full of really great information, but it can get overwhelming. At the Pop-Up Wedding, engaged couples get the same experience but paired way down. It also gives us vendors a good chance to interact with the couples and learn more about them. I think it’s amazing that Carolyn and Ryan want to share their vow renewal with us and I think we’re going to make it a beautiful day for them, as well as a great experience for our guests.

I thought it would be fun to show a few images of Kari, behind the scenes at Krista & James’ wedding…just keeping everyone in line.

knot-planning-calgary-wedding-planning-05 knot-planning-calgary-wedding-planning-06

Come say hi to Kari on Sunday!  Reserve your ticket by calling Kensington Riverside Inn at 403-228-4442.

Knot Planning – Calgary wedding planning photos:  Tara Whittaker Photography


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