Bridal hair and make-up

On the eve of The Pop-up Wedding, I’m excited to blog about the artist that will be providing Carolyn’s bridal hair and make-up.  Lyana Gibert from The Art of Beauty will ensure that Carolyn looks and feels exceptional on her big day.  Hear what Lyana has to say about her craft.


Bridal hair and make-up

Why did you start The Art of Beauty?

I’ve liked arts and crafts as long as I remember. The best thing that happened to me was when I started my education in Visual Arts School and after 5 years of studying, I became an artist. I was walking around with a notebook and pencil, always sketching something or drawing. When I became older I found my true passion in making people look beautiful. I mostly love make-up for the transformation it gives people and how great they feel inside when they see that transformation. I started doing make-up back in Russia and when my husband and I decided to move here, I realized that it is my chance to implement my dream and open my own beauty business as a make-up artist and hair stylist.


What makes you different than your competitors?

 I strongly believe that every artist is unique and has their own medium of expressing art. I think what makes me unique is my heritage. Coming from Europe, from different culture, I have my own way of integrating all the best qualities of my homeland fashion into the North American lifestyle. Being an artist since my childhood, I am always trying to bring new techniques and decorative elements that are not commonly used in standard make-up schools.  It gives a unique taste to everything that I do. By the way, it is the reason why I called my company The Art of Beauty.


All images by Csaba Diglics

Why are you excited to participate in the Pop Up Wedding?

Well.. First of all I just love weddings! This day is always about the couple.  When Tara invited me to participate this event, I immediately fell in love with this concept. It is such a great opportunity to make a couple even happier than they already are by bringing back emotions they felt at their most important day. In addition it is also a great chance to meet new people and present them my work.

A promotion at The Pop-up Wedding

Brides, Lyana has a special promotion running tomorrow during The Pop-up Wedding.  She’s offering a 10% discount to anyone who reserves her bridal hair and make-up services for their 2014 wedding.  Be sure to say hello to Lyana and check her availability!

Find her website here and her Facebook page.


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