Wedding photos Calgary

Today seems like the perfect day to post this spring, bridal shoot.  During my visit to Frocks Modern boutique for The Pop-up Wedding preparations, I was reminded again how beautiful this shop is.  Natural light floods the space, set in an alcove with raw, industrial features.  It’s the perfect place to highlight bridal gowns and an ideal setting for a photo shoot.  I had my eye on the breathtaking Leanne Marshall gowns in particular.  I’m enamoured by her fluid designs with delicate, feminine details.

Kassandra wore the Josephine with a “barely-there” bodice of alencon lace and silk charmeuse skirt.


wedding-photos-calgary-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-01  wedding-photos-calgary-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-03 wedding-photos-calgary-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-04

Wedding photos Calgary

The description on Leanne Marshall’s website says it best…the sophisticated designs are known for their light, flowing lines, feminine details and timeless elegance. Each dress is handcrafted in the USA using only the highest quality materials. The Leanne Marshall Brand is a staple for the bride who wants a dress that will showcase, not overshadow, her beauty. Attention to high quality standards, proper flattering fits and silhouettes, and her unique ethereal approach to bridal have made Leanne a go-to for the modern bride.


As a photographer, I love a bride in a veil.  Kassandra was enchanting in her Mantilla-style veil.

wedding-photos-calgary-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-06 wedding-photos-calgary-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-07 wedding-photos-calgary-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-08

Next we have Kari in Leanne Marshall’s silk, chiffon Brigitte and a flower crown, fashioned from pussy willows.  I love the raw, organic feel of this headpiece.

wedding-photos-calgary-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-09 wedding-photos-calgary-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-10

wedding-photos-calgary-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-11 wedding-photos-calgary-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-12

This pussy willow crown, combined with braids and tousled curls, would be gorgeous for a woodland wedding.

wedding-photos-calgary-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-13 wedding-photos-calgary-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-14 wedding-photos-calgary-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-15

Here’s the sneak peek from this shoot if you would like to see.

Kudos to Lyana Gibert of The Art of Beauty for her exquisite work on hair and make-up.

Thanks to Kassandra and Kari for being so patient and lovely to photograph.

Thank you to Sora from Frocks for hosting us.

Shoes by Nine West.

Wedding photos Calgary:  Tara Whittaker Photography


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