Frocks Modern Bridesmaids for a Pop-up Bride

I’ve photographed a lot of wedding gowns but it’s not every day that I get to attend a bridal consult.  Yesterday Carolyn (our Pop-up Bride) and I visited Frocks Modern Bridesmaids to select a gown for her vow renewal on April 13th.  Frocks has recently moved to a beautiful new location at 103 1118 -12 Avenue SW, Calgary.  The space is chic, contemporary, and filled with natural light.  Only fitting then that the gowns they carry are also fresh and modern.  Many thanks to Frocks Modern Bridesmaids owner Sora Kennedy, for providing Carolyn with the perfect gown for her vow renewal to Ryan.  Because The Pop-up Wedding will have a ‘Kate Spade feel’, I knew that Frocks would be the perfect place to start our search.

I took a few photographs during Carolyn’s appointment to show you Sora’s new digs.  On the main floor of the store, you’ll find an outstanding selection of bridesmaids gowns in a rainbow of colours.  Note that show-stopping chandelier!

frocks-pop-up-wedding-yyc-06 frocks-pop-up-wedding-yyc-02 frocks-pop-up-wedding-yyc-03

Climb the stairs to the loft space and you’ll find a modern bride’s paradise, complete with designer gowns by Ivy & Aster, Leanne MarshallCarol Hannah and Jenny Yoo (to name a few).

frocks-pop-up-wedding-yyc-04 frocks-pop-up-wedding-yyc-05

I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag but Carolyn did find a fantastic gown yesterday.  I will tell you that this beauty caught her eye…


but in the end, Carolyn chose a gown by designer Jenny Yoo.  You’ll have to wait until April 13th to see Carolyn in her gown.


Frocks Modern Bridesmaids Photographs:  Tara Whittaker Photography

Click here for more details on The Pop-up Wedding and Carolyn & Ryan’s story.


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