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Bride holding the Future Mrs Planner wedding checklist

Have you heard of the Future Mrs Planner?  It’s a beautiful guide and wedding checklist for brides-to-be.  It’s too good to keep a secret so I thought I’d share it with all of you.  I contacted Karen Lee at Future Mrs Planner to get a little history on the book and what makes it so special for brides planning their weddings.  Here’s what Karen had to say…


1.  What motivated you to compile the book?

Wedding planning is super stressful, and if you were never a bride before, where do you even start?! So, we wanted to create something both functional and chic that would inspire our brides to stay organized, consistently.
2.  What is different about the “Future Mrs Planner” than other planning books?  What makes it unique?
What’s great about Future Mrs Planner is that it’s a cute and compact 7×9 book that you can pop into your purse, or easily carry on its own. Besides having everything you need (vendor worksheets, a detailed wedding checklist, budget sheets, etc.), it also has constant words of encouragement. Each section has lovely quote illustrations in them that you can tear out and hang around your home as a keepsake after the wedding is over! We want our brides to remember to love, whenever they’re feeling overwhelmed.
3.  Any message for brides in the midst of planning for their wedding?
Plan ahead and leave yourself extra time for contingency, because things always take longer than anticipated. Most importantly, have fun. Things can get really hectic, but remember that you are just one step closer to marrying your best friend. The whole day is to celebrate your love together and that’s all that matters!
Copies of the Future Mrs Planner are available online or at Adorn Boutique on 9th Avenue in Inglewood.  Be sure to tell your friends.
Thanks to Pearl & Dot for hosting out mini-shoot.

Wedding checklist captured by Calgary Wedding Photographer – Tara Whittaker

  1. Future Mrs Planner says:

    Thank you Tara for this post! Love how you styled our planner. We can’t wait to help bride-to-be’s to start planning! Xo

  2. Flora says:

    Thanks for posting your awesome blog about the planner Tara! I’ve been debating for some time and after reading your post, I think I’ll have to get myself a copy of Future Mrs. Planner asap!


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