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When I first met with Deb and Mike to talk about photographing their August wedding, they told me that the focus of their wedding was their family, friends and the joy of gathering.  They wanted to capture the emotion and celebratory spirit of the day, without taking any time away from their guests. It gave me the opportunity to photograph their wedding with a photojournalistic approach.  That’s right…no family formals and no couple’s session. It was challenging and invigorating, all at the same time. I completely loved it!

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Top Photographers

In true Alberta spirit, the groom arrived on horseback and the bride and her maids in a horse-drawn wagon.  What a treat to photograph!

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Here’s their sneak peek and day-of wedding slide show, if you’d like to see.

Wedding venue: Private Ranch

Caterer:  Judy Wood of Meez Cuisine

Bride’s gown:  Cameo & Cufflinks

Live band:  Mocking Shadows

Top photographers:  Tara Whittaker Photography

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