Kate Spade Wedding Invitations

If you need another reason to reserve your spot at The Pop-up Wedding,  it’s Ali of Creative Finch.  Wedding stationery is the perfect way to add personal, tactile elements to your big day.  Ali can help you create paper goods to complement every aspect of your wedding and you can meet her in person on April 13th.
In our first conversation about Kate Spade wedding invitations, Ali mentioned that she’s a huge Kate fan.  This vibrant event invitation was Ali’s brainchild and her love of all things bright and beautiful shows.


Here Ali tells us about her love of paper, designing and crafts…

I knew my ultimate dream, much like many other designers, was to work for myself and own my business.  Taking the leap last October to work in marketing was scary and really difficult because I loved where I was working and everyone there.  However, I knew this would allow me more time to focus on Creative Finch and it was something I had to do if I ever wanted that “ultimate dream” to come true.

What makes designers different from one another is their style.  That being said, just because someone’s preferred style is one way, doesn’t mean they can’t design something in another.  I’d have to say that many of the designers I’ve met and worked with are much like myself; really passionate about creating new things and love, love, LOVE paper, especially here in Calgary.

I’m extremely happy to be part of The Pop-up Wedding.  Not only is it exciting because it is something new for Creative Finch, it is also something new for Calgary.  I was thrilled to find out that Kate Spade was being used as the design guideline because anyone who knows me, knows I’m obsessed!  It is such fun inspiration  to design from and I’m really grateful to create something that will add to this special day.  It is also a really great group of people coming together to make it happen, which makes it much more fun and exciting to be a part of.


Image from Christy Swanberg

I asked Ali to peruse Pinterest and flag some KSNY-inspired stationery that tinkled her fancy.  Kind of makes me giddy to see what Ali’s working on for Carolyn & Ryan’s big day.


Image from Ruffled


Image from Coral Pheasant


Image from The Perfect Palette


Image from KSNY blog.

Be sure to come by, meet Ali and see her Kate Spade Wedding Invitations at The Pop-up Wedding.

  1. vintagepearls says:

    Ahh!! So pretty! This makes me want to change my whole wedding theme! haha. Love it!

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