Casual wardrobe ideas for your engagement session

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It’s almost time for your engagement session, yay! If you’ve chosen a more casual look for your engagement session wardrobe, we’ve collected our favourite ideas below.

No matter the location of your shoot, always keep in mind how your chosen outfits look together. Pay attention to patterns that might clash, colours that don’t compliment each other, and try not to match your outfits. Try to wear colours that offer a complimentary contrast so your styled looks can be cohesive, yet not too similar.

There are so many ways to dress which are casual yet smart, and we’ve got examples for all seasons!

Couple share at hot coffee at their winter engagement session captured by Tara Whittaker Photography

Winter casual wardrobe ideas

It’s cold outside, but the snow-covered mountains make for some dramatic and breathtaking images. Lots of layers are a good idea! You can bring a heavy winter coat to wear in-between photos, but having thin, warm layers will help you look stylish and put together, without having to worry about the bulkiness of a big coat.

Neutral colours with subtle patterns and pops of colour are a good idea here. Scarves and cute toques can offer a personal and unique touch while keeping you comfortable and cozy.

While it’s a special occasion, don’t feel the pressure to wear something that isn’t your style. Take your time to look for inspiration and land on an outfit that makes you feel your best, and still feels like you.

Couple embrace during a winter engagement at Edworthy Park captured by Tara Whittaker If you need casual wardrobe ideas for a winter engagement, not forget mittens


While it’s getting warmer, shooting outdoors can still be chilly. Neutral base colours with pops of colour say in a pattern, or accessories can strike a balance between welcoming Spring but without being in stark contrast to an outdoor landscape still to bloom.

Dresses, paired with tights, boots and a stylish wrap or cardigan, can elevate your outfit slightly while still feeling casual and natural. Alternatively, smart jeans paired with your favourite blouse and smart jacket are a great choice.

For the men, nice jeans or pants paired with a shirt, sweater or smart jacket looks great. Don’t be afraid of layering, a jacket can serve as a cute prop thrown over a shoulder, or around a cold fiancée!

Couple get cozy at their Bow Fall engagement shoot with Tara Whittaker Photography

We’re big fans of Adorn Boutique in Inglewood.  They have a carefully-curated selection of styles that are perfect for a casual engagement session.

Adorn Boutique


The Rockies come alive in summer, and it’s the perfect time to pair bright, bold, colours with neutrals. Remember to be conscious of your chosen location; bold colours can be stunning, but make sure you’re not in too high a contrast to your surroundings. A summer dress and stylish hat is a playful choice and can be dressed up or down with jewellery and other accessories.

 If shorts are your fiancé’s go-to in the summer, grab a smart pair of dress shorts, a cute patterned short-sleeved collared shirt and you’re done! Pair with some minimal sneakers, and you have the perfect casual summer engagement session outfit.

a kiss at Barrier Lake captured by Calgary wedding photographer Tara Whittaker


 Fall is a beautiful time of year in the Rockies and Foothills. The perfect time to wear warm colours; burnt oranges, deep reds, browns and tans. Dresses paired with tights, similar to Spring are a good choice here but stick with a deeper and richer colour palette. Again, wraps, scarves and hats are great accessories to accentuate your own sense of style.

Have your partner stick with darker jeans, or pants, perhaps with lighter touches up top, so as not to be wearing an entirely solid-coloured outfit. 

couple kiss during a fall engagement session at Fish Creek Park

Adorn Boutique

Adorn Boutique

Janie wears a hat during a fall photo shoot in Fish Creek Park captured by Tara Whittaker Photography

Every year, we do a “Love Shoot” with Janelle from Flowers by Janie and Oscar from Castaño films.  Their wardrobe choices are always on point so you’ll see them more than once in this post.

Janie & Oscar are a great example of casual wardrobe inpspirationCasual wardrobe ideas for a fall engagement shoot captured by Tara Whittaker

Planning an autumn engagement session?  Here’s a fall look book that we photographed for Adorn Boutique, if you’d like to see.

Casual wardrobe ideas for your engagement session captured by Calgary Wedding Photographer – Tara Whittaker


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