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I don’t know about you but I’ve had so much fun photographing and getting to know my ‘Love Stories’ couples.  Three Calgary couples told us about their fondest memories from their wedding and what they appreciate most about their marriage.  First I met up with Becky and James at Edworthy park for part one.  For part two, Corbeaux Bakehouse set the stage for a photos and chat with Jasmine and Rob.  Let me introduce couple #3, Rebecca and Warren.  Their local skating rink was the perfect backdrop for donuts and a skate.  Enjoy their story and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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(T)  How long have you been married?
(R & W) 9 years


(T) What is your fondest memory from your wedding day?
(W)  I distinctly remember the moment when the church doors opened and Rebecca started to walk down the aisle.  She was stunning.
(R)  After the ceremony, my Grandma gave me a hug in the reception line and she started to cry.  Without words, she told me how proud she was of me and that I had found a great guy… and I certainly did.  I will never forget that moment.


(T) What do you value most about your marriage?
(R & W)  We share the same values and priorities which help guide our actions and decisions in our marriage – God, family, friends and career – in that order.


(T) What is the most important quality in your spouse?
(W)  Rebecca’s attention to detail has always impressed me.   From planning the girls’ birthday party and making cakes, to maintaining and decorating our home, to striving for success in her career, Rebecca takes the time and effort to make sure everything is just right
(R)  Warren is a very level-headed man and rational thinker, a perfect match for someone who can on occasion be emotional and think irrationally!


Calgary wedding photographers Love Stories

(T) What do you admire most about your spouse?
(R)  I admire so many things about Warren, but one quality that I find very admirable is that he is well respected by his family, friends and peers.  People enjoy being around him and value his friendship.   He is genuinely interested in people when speaking to them and respectful of others.   I am proud to be his wife.
(W)  I admire Rebecca’s compassion for others.  Whether it be family or friends, or people she has never met, she shows care and concern for their circumstances and wellbeing.


(T) What do you do well as a couple?
(R & W)  We compromise.  A fun game of Rock, Paper, Scissors solves most of the minor disagreements that we have.


(T) How would you describe your marriage?
(R & W)  Blessed.  We continually find ourselves feeling fortunate and thankful for the blessings we have and are especially thankful for each other.


(T) What has been your memorable moment as a couple?
(R & W)  The most memorable moment as a couple is the day we welcomed our twin baby girls, Kennedy & Ellie, into the world.   They are two precious gifts from God and we are so blessed to be their parents.


(T) What advice would you give engaged couples as they’re planning their weddings?
(R & W)  Wedding – All of the little details are important and you want them to be perfect, but when it comes to the day of your wedding, focus on the people.  Enjoy every conversation you have with your spouse, your bridal party, and your guests, as these are the moments that will truly be remembered.

Marriage – Be your spouse’s biggest fan.


I first worked with Rebecca and Warren on this Downton Abbey styled shoot.  Later on, I was so happy to photograph their newborn twin girls.

Calgary wedding photographers Love Stories:  Tara Whittaker Photography


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