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If you’ve been following along on my blog this week, you’ll know that today is the first day of my Valentine’s series ‘Love Stories’.  For the next three weeks, I’ll be sharing images and thoughts from real couples as they remember their wedding day, reflect on their marriage and offer tips to newly engaged couples.

With that, I’d like to introduce Becky and James Kung.  I first met Becky, a Style Blogger, while working at Holt Renfrew.  I was so impressed by her kind and gentle spirit (in addition to her fab shoes), and I knew they would be the perfect couple to kick off this series.

(T)  How long have you been married?
(J & B) 7.5 years.



(T) What is your fondest memory from your wedding day?
(J) I really enjoyed our photos together and with our bridal party. It was really fun and a great time to just let lose and celebrate, having fun with our dearest friends.
(B) James’ expression when I walked down the aisle. His expression was this look of awe, love and a tenderness that I will never forget.



(T) What do you value most about your marriage?
(J & B) We both value so much that our marriage is sacred and safe. And that we can truly be ourselves in the good and the bad, trusting in each other with our whole heart.


Valentine images

(T) What is the most important quality in your spouse?
(J) Becky’s nurturing qualities.  She has such a caring heart and kindred spirit towards others.
(B) James has so many qualities that I treasure and value.  One of the qualities I treasure the most is how much he protects me. He has a very masculine-protecting heart and it means so much to me.

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(T) What do you admire most about your spouse?
(J ) I admire that Becky has such a strong emphasis and love for relationships and others. She values and invests in people and building them up.
(B) James is so resilient and always positive. He looks at life with his glass half full.


(T) What do you do well as a couple?
(J & B) We know how to have fun! When we’re in the mood, we’ll play our favourite dance tunes and rock it in our kitchen!  On a serious note, we work well together when we collaboratively team together to work towards the same goal, whether it be a task or resolving a problem. This is when we really shine, working on a common goal.


(T) How would you describe your marriage?
(J & B) Our marriage has seen peaks and valleys, sometimes some really rough patches. Yet, we can look back and see how far we’ve come as a couple and individuals. Our marriage has been an adventure and a journey where we’re continually sharpening each other in life. Looking back over the recent years, our marriage has become something very sweet and full of fond memories.


(T) What has been your memorable moment as a couple?
(J & B) Our various travels together have by far been such fond memories. We love experiencing new cultures and going on adventures. We loved our trips to South Africa, various countries in South East Asia, Dubai, and the list goes on. We have come to appreciate trying new things outside of our norm. We also love trying new foods and exploring different wine regions.


(T) What advice would you give engaged couples as they’re planning their weddings?
(J & B) Our first piece of advice is for weddings. Truly celebrate your love, make it authentic and do what makes you as a couple happy. Don’t get caught up in the wedding trends and norms, make your wedding your own, because that day is sacred.

Our advice for marriage is to be a good advertiser for your spouse. Always think about your words and actions and how you’re reflecting your spouse in all that you do.


I hope you’ll pop back next week for couple #2.  I’ll give you a hint, she’s a wedding planner in Calgary.

Valentine images:  Tara Whittaker Photography

  1. What an honor to be photographed by you Tara! You are a true gem and we love your work.

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