Calgary photography studios

If you don’t follow Fashion Bloggers Modern Girls in Vintage Pearls, you should really check them out.  They are Nadine, who blogs from Perth, and Kari, who blogs from Calgary.  Although they had been in constant communication, they actually hadn’t even seen each other for 2 years.  They were recently reunited in preparation for Kari’s Kelowna wedding and a photo shoot was definitely in order.

calgary-photography-studios-Tara-Whittaker-01 calgary-photography-studios-Tara-Whittaker-02

Calgary photography studios

Here’s what Kari had to say…after two long years, Modern Girls in Vintage Pearls were finally reunited! It only took me getting married and making her a bridesmaid to finally convince Nadine to come to Canada! It was so great to be together again and naturally we had to do an outfit post together! We chose a colourful wall in downtown Calgary as the backdrop to our bright and fun summertime shoot with Tara Whittaker Photography. I miss you already my beautiful friend!

calgary-photography-studios-Tara-Whittaker-06 calgary-photography-studios-Tara-Whittaker-05 calgary-photography-studios-Tara-Whittaker-04 calgary-photography-studios-Tara-Whittaker-03

Here are some other fashion shoots I’ve done with Modern Girls in Vintage Pearls, if you’d like to see.

Calgary photography studios:  Tara Whittaker Photography


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