Virtual workshop in Calgary: Peonies + Pop

The countdown is on.  Flowers by Janie is hosting her final virtual workshop in Calgary on June 12th, 2020.  Order your Peonies + Pop floral kit now and plan a virtual flower party with your girlfriends.  Your kit includes:

Bouquet of Peonies and Saskatoon Lemonade from Annex captured by Tara Whittaker Photography

What you need to do?

Your kit will be delivered to your door with contact-less delivery on Friday June 12th between 12-6pm.  Teaching will be done virtually so you can design from the comfort of your own home while enjoying our favorite flowers- PEONIES- along with delicious pops from Annex! You will need your own flower clippers/pruners, a table to design on and access to a computer or smart phone with Internet near your design space. You will need to download Zoom to participate. The online class will start at 7pm.

Free contact-less door step delivery only for Calgary residents.

tools for a virtual workshop in Calgary captured by Tara Whittaker Photography

Annex Sodas

As if peonies weren’t enough, enjoy Annex Sodas while you learn from this industry expert.  Your soda flavour choices include Root beer, Saskatoon lemonade and Ginger beer.  Ginger beer is my personal favorite.

Floral bundle ready for Peonies & Pop, a virtual workshop in Calgary Flowers by Janie teaching during her virtual workshop Peonies & Pop

Voilà!  Here’s my final bouquet after an hour spent learning and sipping.  Not bad right?  One of my favorite parts was hearing tips and tricks on flowers care.

Final bouquet after Peonies & Pop, a zoom workshop in Calgary

The final class for this peony season is taking place on June 12th at 7pm.  Don’t wait, register here.  It’s a great way to support a small business.  I’m so impressed with local intrepeneurs like Janie, for adapting to the current climate and providing unique services and opportunities.  Well done!

Flowers by Janie is a genious with peonies.  Here’s a lush bouquet she created for a classic Calgary elopement, if you’d like to see.

Virtual workshop in Calgary captured by Calgary Wedding Photographer – Tara Whittaker


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