Sweet Peas

I’m really enjoying spring (because it’s really still spring here in Calgary) this year and watching everything start anew. I’m enjoying these little sprouts the most. My Mom passed away in November and we had the unique circumstance of planning her celebration with her. We came up with the idea of giving out packets of seeds with the programs and when I asked her what kind of seeds she would like, she said “sweet peas” without hesitation.



So my friend Nicole, designed a envelope/program for the celebration, containing a packet of seeds and explaining Mom’s love of sweet peas.


Knowing my appreciation for vintage, my cousin even did a little dumpster diving to find me something unique for the blooms to climb on. I’ll keep you posted on their progress. So many people have told me that they planted their seeds in honour of my Mom and I would love to see photos when they begin to bloom.


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