My beautiful Legs


2011 has been a year I will never forget. I’m usually intensely private about my personal life but in August of this year, Tara Whittaker Photography was changed forever. Legs, my business partner, my best friend and my Mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She was unable to shoot with us after July and I was grateful for my associate Wendy Dixon, who was a splendid second shooter in the months that followed. Here at Tara Whittaker Photography we look forward to 2012 and the new wedding stories we get to tell.

But today is all about Legs (Carol Whittaker). With a spirit of strength that could only be described as divine, she underwent treatment but eventually left us for heaven on November 28th. I decided to post about Legs today because we are honoring her with a celebration of her life at the Town & Country Centre at 4:00 pm (275 Jensen Dr. NE, Airdrie). I am profoundly grateful to my industry friends who have helped us plan an out-of-the-box celebration for her. Special thanks to my dear friend and colleague Anne Wright, who took this photo and gave us the gift of a mother/daughter photo shoot this past September.

For an upcoming photography project that will be released on December 19th, I was asked about who my female role model was. I answered…._My mother is an inspiring model of independence, determination and hard work. She has tried many new things in her life, always with a focus on serving others._

PS: I couldn’t resist the title and I think Legs would get a ‘kick’ out of it.


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