Newborn Photos in Calgary

Today I’m going to take a break from weddings and substitute some squishy baby goodness.  I worked with Kristin and Jon once before, so it was extra special to take newborn photos of their little one, Kadence.  As I was editing the photos of this brand new family of three, I remembered a poem that I heard years ago, First Born.  It seems to be the perfect fit with the newborn photos of this lovely babe.  You’ve been warned, prepare for cute (and don’t forget the slide show at the end)!

First Born

The day you were born
I don’t remember
If it was warm or not,
If the sun shone
Or rain
Splashed across the sky
By pain and doubt.

But I know
That I held you
For hours, stared at you
In awe –
And felt the warmth assault me,
Felt all fate old forgotten smiles
Creep back –
Until I wasn’t sure
Which of us
Had just been born.

Leslie Garcia


This little beauty came into the world on Christmas Day and we couldn’t resist a few festive touches.  True story – one of the nurses made these little Santa caps for the babies born on Christmas Day.  Isn’t that an amazing keepsake?

Newborn-photos-Calgary-baby-closeup Newborn-photos-Calgary-father-baby Newborn-photos-Calgary-baby-in-tutu Newborn-photos-Calgary-baby-father Newborn-photos-Calgary-mother-baby Newborn-photos-Calgary-mother-baby Newborn-photos-Calgary-baby-sleeping Newborn-photos-Calgary-leopard-baby-shoes

I have to stop here.  Baby K, you had me at leopard print shoes.  How did you know I have a “thing” for shoes?

Newborn-photos-Calgary-father-holding-baby Newborn-photos-Calgary-family-of-three Newborn-photos-Calgary-baby-in-tutu Newborn-photos-Calgary-baby-k


Newborn photos:  Tara Whittaker Photography


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