Calgary Bridal Party Photo Favourites

I’ve been sifting through some of my past weddings and it reminded me that I have photographed some seriously cool wedding parties.  My policy when it comes to bridal party photos is to make it fun and to make it fast, so that they can rejoin the festivities.  Today I’m sharing some of my Calgary Bridal Party Photo Favourites.  I’ll start off with Katherine & Tyler’s Heritage Park wedding.  Bridesmaids + Rides = FUN!

Calgary-Bridal-Party-Photo-Favourites-bridesmaidsCalgary-Bridal-Party-Photo-Favourites-groomsmen  Calgary-Bridal-Party-Photo-Favourites-bridal-party-on-rideCalgary-Bridal-Party-Photo-Favourites-bridesmaids-tearing-up

Let’s not forget Krista and James and their Art Gallery of Calgary wedding.  According to the Bride “FUN was the word of the day”.


Even a passerby on Stephen Avenue couldn’t resist joining in on the party!


Jeremy’s groomsmen took the cake.  They brought three antique cars which I happily incorporated into the images.  You won’t want to miss out on the rest of this vintage wedding, held at the Delta Kananaskis.

Calgary-Bridal-Party-Photo-Favourites-groom-vintage-cars Calgary-Bridal-Party-Photo-Favourites-bridal-party-vintage-car Calgary-Bridal-Party-Photo-Favourites-bridesmaids-vintage-car

Katie and Chris’ Spruce Meadows wedding was wintery, sparkly and completely glamorous.  Chris was an easy-going groom but when we met to discuss the wedding photos, he had one simple request.  He wanted a pose like this, with all of their besties.  Happy to oblige Chris.  Catch the rest of their wedding photos here.

Calgary-Bridal-Party-Photo-Favourites-fun-bridal-partyCalgary-Bridal-Party-Photo-Favourites-Bridal-Party  Calgary-Bridal-Party-Photo-Favourites-bridal-party

Calgary Bridal Party Photo Favourites:  Tara Whittaker Photography


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