Your legacy – part 2

Today I’m featuring part 2 of my legacy series (see part one here).
This is a favourite family photo because it’s the only wedding photo of my Grandparents, Glen and Margaret Morison. They were married Christmas Eve, 1939, at Knox United Church in Calgary. I never saw my Grandmother’s dress but heard that it was royal blue, crushed velvet with a white lace collar.

There are a few things that stand out in my mind about my Grandma – she could quote poetry like nobody’s business and she kept a journal for decades. This is my Grandma’s description of her wedding in her own words. Now that’s a legacy!

_I came to teach at Big Springs School and it was there that I met Glen Morison and we became good friends. The school was very nice and all the families were friendly and helpful. Glen and I fell in love and in September of 1939, he asked me to marry him._

_We decided we would be married December 24th at Knox United Church in Calgary. We planned to have our Mothers at the service. Glen’s sister, was bridesmaid and my brother, was Best Man. As it turned out, the weather was very cold and stormy. My sister, was sick with chicken pox, so Mama stayed home with her. Reverend Wilson performed the ceremony. My Mother and Father had prepared to have our wedding dinner at their home on Christmas Day. We were not able to do that because there was quarantine for chicken pox. So Mother Morison, with her usual magic and industry, provided our Christmas Wedding Dinner on Christmas Day. I think they were all relieved when they put us on the train to Edmonton and we had our honeymoon in a new hotel._



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