Documentary wedding photography

On my website, I describe my work as a blend of documentary wedding photography and perfectly-styled imagery.  One way to ensure that I’m able to provide great coverage is by including the services of a second shooter in my packages.  Being a second shooter isn’t always glamorous but it’s so important.  Sometimes it means being responsible for lugging the gear and wrangling wedding guests during the family portraits.  Usually it means that you don’t get the best vantage points but you also don’t carry the responsibility of the lead photographer.  The point is to assist and be that second pair of eyes, capturing sweet memories for the bride and groom.

Last summer my friend and colleague Anne from Anne Wright Photography, asked me to second shoot with her on a few weddings.  It was fun to change things up and wear the second shooter hat for this wedding at Priddis Greens Golf and Country Club.  Here are a few images that I captured that day in Priddis, if you’d like to see.

documentary-wedding-photography-tara-whittaker-01 documentary-wedding-photography-tara-whittaker-02 documentary-wedding-photography-tara-whittaker-03 documentary-wedding-photography-tara-whittaker-04 documentary-wedding-photography-tara-whittaker-05 documentary-wedding-photography-tara-whittaker-06

Documentary wedding photography

I’m used to being the primary shooter so it was fantastic to put myself in the hands of a trusted colleague and find creative images for her, and for her clients.  Photography is an ever-changing medium, so there are always a few tips and tricks to pick up from another professional.  Here’s a little secret about Anne, she’s fantastic at making her clients laugh.

documentary-wedding-photography-tara-whittaker-07 documentary-wedding-photography-tara-whittaker-08 documentary-wedding-photography-tara-whittaker-09 documentary-wedding-photography-tara-whittaker-10 documentary-wedding-photography-tara-whittaker-11

Here’s a Kelowna wedding from last summer, with documentary wedding photography from two shooters.

Anne and I have worked together many times before.  Remember Sarah & Bryce’s wedding in Priddis?


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