Calgary wedding photographers styled shoots

If you follow my blog, you may have noticed a trend in the engagement/love shoots I post. More and more, couples are approaching me to do more than take their engagement photographs – they’re asking me to “style” the shoot for them. The funny thing is, I realized that I have a knack for this and more than that, I love doing it. You may be wondering, “why would I want someone to style my shoot” or “what does that even mean?” These are good questions. I’m a photographer but I also view myself as the creative director of your shoot. There’s nothing more exciting that receiving a call from a couple who really wants to up the ante on their photo shoot and ask for my help. Let me give you some examples.




Maybe you and your fiance have always loved the 50’s and appreciate the fashion and the whole vibe. Enter Kristin and Jon and their 1950’s themed shoot on the Calgary Stampede midwaylast summer. I worked with Kristin and Jon to develop ideas, find wardrobe and scout out a location that evoked the color and feel of 1950’s. These two arrived at the shoot with big smiles, no barriers and a great sense of fun. We weren’t the only ones who thought so either as Style Me Pretty featured them on their blog back in October.





Calgary wedding photographers styled shoots

Do you and your fiance love a certain movie because you watched it on your first date? Enter Rob and Dayna and their shoot styled after the movie, Dirty Dancing. I started by watching the movie a few times and taking notes. I helped Rob and Dayna find the perfect outfits for the shoot. Some things we purchased, and some things they had already (like the fedora that Rob wore, belonging to Dayna’s Grandpa). I brought along some props that we used to evoke the feeling of a 1960’s Catskill resort. I fell in love with Rob and Dayna and the way the whole thing came together. Nobody puts Baby in the corner!




Just recently I featured a shoot with Randi and Shakir, styled after a favourite novel, Possession. I poured over the novel, dog-earing pages that inspired me. We found a location that had the feel of the English countryside and pulled together details that told the story without detracting from the real plot, Randi and Shakir themselves.

Styling can also be more subtle. Perhaps you just need help with wardrobe or accessories. I have assisted with everything from arranging hair and make-up stylists to providing links and wardrobe suggestions to personal shopping for the shoot. Sometimes just the smallest detail can complete the vision. Take Gillian and Cory for example. Gillian already had a great sense of style (she rocked that maxi dress) and the only “prop” we added for a fresh, summery feel was a sprinkler. That’s all it took.




Now a styled shoot isn’t for everyone. Do all of my clients have to style their engagement shoot? Absolutely not. I love working with all types of couples and showcasing their uniqueness. This is just one way of doing that. As I was putting together this post, I picked up the Winter 2012 issue of Martha Stewart Weddings and noticed an excerpt on page 216 about “Editorial-Style Shoots”. I thought “hey, I do that”! Beautiful photography will always remain the priority and I will work with you to ensure that your engagement pictures showcase you and YOUR LOVE.

If you have questions about styling your shoot and the range of styling services I offer, contact that studio at 403-247-3746 or drop me a line at


Calgary wedding photographers styled shoots:  Tara Whittaker Photography


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