Down to the wire…Love you Back deadline is Feb 29th at midnight

I’m so pleased with the Love You Back project entries that are rolling in this year. If you’re getting married in Alberta in 2012, you’re still eligible as the deadline is midnight on February 29th. To help you get inspired, check out Janelle & Oscar’s entry. Theirs was actually the first entry to arrive and was sitting in my mailbox when I arrived home from Wedding Fair. Good luck to Janelle & Oscar!


Hi Tara,

Here is a little info about us so that you understand our inspiration board. Oscar and I meet in Bolivia while I was volunteering with a Canadian NGO- (he is Bolivian and I’m an alberta girl) hence the llama and the canadian maple syrup photos showing something each of our countries are renowned for. We have our wedding venue booked at a country golf club in Duchess, Ab where I worked in the summers to pay for university and our theme will be vintage country rose with lots of pearls and pink using my mom’s country rose tea set as table center pieces. Also God’s is a very important part of our lives so we included a cross in the wedding ceremony.

I hope we get picked 😉


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