Winter wedding photography

If you peruse the wedding blogs, you find countless examples of outdoor summer weddings.  As we know from recent experience, we “do winter” really well here in Calgary.   I recently photographed a winter inspiration shoot with Janelle from Flowers by Janie and Karakai Design & Styling.  Think steaming cups of tea, a beautiful floral chandelier, sheepskin and candlelight.

Here’s what Janelle had to say:

We wanted to show couples the potential for unique engagement and/or wedding photos created around a styled area in the middle of nature. We wanted to showcase the use of bright pink blooms in winter contrasted with deeper deep purple hues and that color can be enjoyed in the cold of winter. Any space can be made to look romantic, beautiful, warm and inviting all at once, creating something extraordinary for your wedding photos.

winter-weddings-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-03 winter-weddings-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-02 winter-weddings-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-01 winter-wedding-photography-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-09

winter-wedding-photography-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-10 winter-wedding-photography-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-01 winter-wedding-photography-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-02 winter-wedding-photography-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-03 winter-wedding-photography-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-04

Winter wedding photography

Ali from Modern Pulp crafted the perfect woodland themed stationary for this shoot.


winter-weddings-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-04  winter-wedding-photography-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-07 winter-wedding-photography-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-08

This wasn’t the first time I’ve worked with Janelle from Flowers by Janie.  Here’s an autumn wedding shoot we did together, if you’d like to see.

Floral Design:  Flowers by Janie

Shoot Design:  Karakai Design & Styling

Stationery:  Modern Pulp

Winter wedding photography:  Tara Whittaker Photography


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