Winter engagement pictures for the Pop-up Wedding

Was anyone else surprised to see the blanket of snow covering the ground this morning?  I did look at the forecast but was thoroughly enjoying spring yesterday.  So it looks as though I’ll be taking winter engagement pictures this morning for the Pop-up Engagement.  In case you missed it, Kensington Riverside Inn and myself are partnering on The Pop-up Wedding to be held April 13th at The Inn.  In preparation for that, we’re inviting you to join us at Carolyn & Ryan’s Pop-up Engagement at 10:30 am today.  We’ll be meeting at Kensington Riverside Inn and doing some shooting in the area.  Here’s your chance to see a real, live engagement session in progress.  I’ll be there, latte in hand, and would love to see you too.


Photo Credit:  Online Photo gallery Kensington Riverside Inn

Winter Engagement Pictures:  Tara Whittaker Photography


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