Wedding car decor

Lately I’ve been inspired by some unique forms of wedding transportation and decided to put together a few ideas of my own.  My heart stops for a Vespa so that was my jumping off point.  My friends at Fleurish Flower Shop and Modern Pulp added some flirty wedding car decor.

wedding-car-decor-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-09 wedding-car-decor-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-08

Speaking of wedding car decor, what could be more fun than fabulous shoes from Nine West Canada?  According to this source, the custom of tying shoes to the car bumper stems way back to Ancient Egypt, where a father would give the groom his daughter’s sandal, marking that an exchange had taken place. Since shoes were considered a phallic symbol, it was also thought to promote fertility for the newlyweds and later shoes were tied to the getaway car.

Okay, okay, you probably wan’t want to drag these beauties behind you as you’re whisked away on your honeymoon, but I couldn’t resist.

wedding-car-decor-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-07 wedding-car-decor-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-06 wedding-car-decor-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-05 wedding-car-decor-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-04 wedding-car-decor-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-03 wedding-car-decor-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-02 wedding-car-decor-Tara-Whittaker-Photography-01

Thanks to everyone involved in this fun project but especially Michelle, for sharing her Vespa with me once again.   If you’d like to see, here’s a Cilantro wedding shoot where the bride and groom bid farewell on a getaway Vespa.

Flowers by Fleurish Flower Shop

“Just Married” sign by Ali from Modern Pulp

Shoes from Nine West Canada

Images of wedding car decor:  Tara Whittaker Photography


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