Summer outfits with Life Set Sail

Every now and then, it’s a treat to take a break from the wedding world and photograph something completely different. Maybe it’s a floral workshop or a theatre production but a little variety is always a good thing, right? Not long ago, I met up with Brittany Messner from Life Set Sail, at Adorn Boutique in Inglewood. Brittany is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger based in Calgary and on this particular afternoon, she modeled three adorable, summer outfits from Adorn. Here are a few of my favorites from that day.

summer-outfits-lifesetsail-11 summer-outfits-lifesetsail-02 summer-outfits-lifesetsail-03 summer-outfits-lifesetsail-01   summer-outfits-lifesetsail-04 summer-outfits-lifesetsail-05 summer-outfits-lifesetsail-06 summer-outfits-lifesetsail-07  summer-outfits-lifesetsail-09 summer-outfits-lifesetsail-08  summer-outfits-lifesetsail-10

Pop over to Brittany’s site for the blogger’s point of view:

Purple party skirt
Feminine and casual
Sequins and chandeliers

My last fashion project with Adorn Boutique took place in macaron shop, if you’d like to see.

Summer outfits captured by photographer Tara Whittaker


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