Savour – Support a Small Business…Come hell or high water

This is the 4th instalment in my series designed to raise awareness for local, small businesses that have been impacted by the recent flooding in our city. Many of my colleagues suffered damage to their premises, loss of inventory, or loss of revenue due to the evacuations and power outages. Today is all about Savour Fine Foods & Kitchenware in Inglewood. This fantastic shop is an eclectic mix of specialty food and kitchenware items, carefully curated with a focus on quality. I popped in to visit Michelle and Jane, and find out a little more about their experiences since the flooding:

T: Tell us how your business was affected by the flooding?

*M: We had 4.5 feet of water in our storage area which resulted in our losing half of our inventory. We were also closed for a week due to the flooding.*

T: When did your shop re-open?

*M: We reopened on June 28, 2013*

T: What’s the #1 thing you want your customers to know?

*M: That we appreciate their support. Tell everyone they know that Inglewood is open and we need people to come down and shop.*


You heard it. Inglewood is open. Let’s spread the word about Savour & their neighbours.

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