You make me smile – a Love You Back entry

I received a sweet & authentic entry to the Love You Back project last night, that included link to a song. Maybe it’s the temperature or the snow falling outside my window, but I just had to post it this morning. For full effect, play the song while you read through Sarah & Ian’s entry. Just try not to smile.

*Remember, the deadline for entries is Feb 29th!!!*
Good Day Tara, fellow judges of the love you back project.

We wanted to say thank you first for this wonderful opportunity that you have created with this project.

My fiancé and I met thru eHarmony, when we finally decided after a couple of months of questions and emails to go on our first date neither of us thought then it would lead us to where we are today. The simple line Ian said to me was Keep in touch, I thought that was it botched this date with this amazing guy soo I called him on the way home to set up another date which lead to where we are today. The most memorable moment of our first date was the birthday card he gave me and inside was coupons for my favorite thing 7eleven slurpees. I opened that card on our second date which was also my birthday. We both believe in the importance of family and friends and have chosen to get married during one of our favourite holidays for it symbolizes the importance of everything we are grateful for this holiday is Thanksgiving October 6,2012. Our Inspiration board shows well us in a picture form. It’s hard to describe with out using the words on our board so I will try and keep it short and sweet.


Foodies- we love food and different foods with Ian being a chef it’s made eating well an amazing adventure.

Puddle jumpers- because as much as we love being able to trek around discovering cool places to eat we enjoy the outdoors and quite honest playing in the mud.

We strive to be each others best friend and supporter as we both strive for our dreams.

Ian is pursuing a career change that will take him to his former high school to teach our tomorrows leaders how to cook healthy and exciting foods. In his pursuit and our move to Pincher Creek, I am also going back to school to be an educational assistant because I want to help a young students discover a passion for learning.

Down to earth-We don’t need crazy glamour in our lives as we are down to earth but together we make each other grow.

Our wedding is going to be taking place in my home town church, we are going to try and transform the sanctuary of the church into a park with twinkly lights and a gazebo kind of like the picture on our inspiration board, the fellowship hall which will carry the park like feel to the downstairs of the church. We are keeping it elegant and classy with our closest family and friends there to share with us our day, and then in August of 2013 we are going to have the park party with ladder golf, quading, horse shoes, and to be able to share the rest of what we love with all our friends and family. If we could sum up Ian and me into a song it would be Smile by Uncle Kracker.

Again thank you for this amazing opportunity and we look forward to hearing from you.


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