Lake Louise Engagement Pictures

I’m thrilled to post these cozy and colourful Lake Louise engagement pictures.  Not only are Samantha and Pete dream clients, they are also crazy in love.  As you know, we started with a vintage Hudson Bay Scarlet Point Blanket as our inspiration for their shoot.  This blanket called for a rugged, winter setting and what better location than Lake Louise?  The mountains, the glacier, the snow-covered lake – it was basically a winter wonderland.  We met up at Chateau Lake Louise and ventured out into the winter sunshine for their photos.


lake-louise-engagement-pictures-hudson-bay-blanket-18 lake-louise-engagement-pictures-hudson-bay-blanket-14lake-louise-engagement-pictures-hudson-bay-blanket-13lake-louise-engagement-pictures-hudson-bay-blanket-12lake-louise-engagement-pictures-hudson-bay-blanket-11lake-louise-engagement-pictures-hudson-bay-blanket-10lake-louise-engagement-pictures-hudson-bay-blanket-09

lake-louise-engagement-pictures-hudson-bay-blanket-06 lake-louise-engagement-pictures-hudson-bay-blanket-08 lake-louise-engagement-pictures-hudson-bay-blanket-07

We wanted to add a few “Hudson Bay touches” without being “themey”.  This gift box was a fitting way of showing off Samantha’s sparkling, rose gold diamond.  Her ring arrived just in time for their engagement photos and Samantha couldn’t keep her eyes off of it.  I loved it’s unique, three-prong design.


Samantha and I have a shared love for A Vintage Affair, a treasure-trove of vintage finds on 11th Ave SW.  That’s where she found this plaid cape, just in time for Lake Louise.

lake-louise-engagement-pictures-hudson-bay-blanket-16lake-louise-engagement-pictures-hudson-bay-blanket-04 lake-louise-engagement-pictures-hudson-bay-blanket-15 lake-louise-engagement-pictures-hudson-bay-blanket-03  lake-louise-engagement-pictures-hudson-bay-blanket-17

Lake Louise Engagement Pictures:  Tara Whittaker Photography

See a few fun outtakes from this engagement session.


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