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I’m thrilled to announce the “Love You Back” project this morning. A few months ago, I was chatting with my friend and colleague Anne, of Anne Wright photography. We had both recently met with clients who loved our work and “knew” they wanted to hire us but then budget got in the way. It’s one of the most difficult things about our jobs. Anne and I started tossing ideas around and decided to join forces and offer a FREE wedding photography package to one Alberta couple. That’s right – two photographers, with two points of view, to tell the story of your wedding.

Anne and I photograph weddings in different, yet complimentary ways. Meet Anne…_Anne is an award-winning photographer from Paris who moved to Calgary 2 years ago. ‘There’s no day like a wedding day to witness Beauty and Joy- as a photographer, it is a privilege to be there and my aim is to create imagery for the couple that will remind them of how much emotion there was and how gorgeous they were.’ Anne finds inspiration in fashion giving her a distinctive style that is vibrant, modern and sophisticated._

I began my photography career as a fine art photographer. My work has appeared in galleries around Alberta, including a solo exhibition at the Akokiniskway Gallery in Rosebud, Alberta in 2007. I’m a storyteller and I approach a wedding with a unique blend of photojournalism, creative posing and fine art photography. Weddings have all of the elements of a great story – beauty, drama, expectation, detail, pure joy, silliness and raw emotion and with my lens, I capture it as it unfolds.

We’re looking for a couple who want more than free wedding photos. This is a unique opportunity for a couple looking for an amazing photographic experience on their wedding day and a legacy of beautiful photos to be passed on for generations. We need our couples to invest “themselves” into this project. Here’s what we’re looking for:


The Rules of Engagement

To be “The Ones” for our Love You Back project you must:

1. Be a couple with a heartfelt story.

2. Provide us with a video about yourselves and your love.

3. Be getting married in 2011. If either one of us is already booked for your date, we’re sorry!

4. Be getting married in Alberta. OK, if you’re somewhere not too far from Alberta and you have a really, really, great story, we would consider making an exception, so give it your best shot!

5. Be willing to have your story told on blogs, facebook, twitter etc.

To be “The Ones” for our Love You Back project you must NOT

1. Be a couple who are already having a lavish wedding and just want something for free. This project is our way of giving something back to our community. We’re doing this one wedding for people that appreciate our work but are at a stage in their lives where we’re just not an option they would be able to consider.

2. Be phony. The most important thing is… to be yourselves

If you’re “The Ones”, we will provide:

1. 8 hours of coverage on the day by both Tara and Anne. For most weddings, that will cover everything from getting ready to the first dance.

2. CD of worked images, full size and full resolution. You can expect between 250-300 images in total.

3. A beautiful album telling the story of your day.

4. All travel fees for the photographers.

How we’re choosing “The Ones”:

To enter you must make a short video of the both of you. Make it last anything between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. It doesn’t have to be all that fancy (a phone video will do) but it needs to contain the following information:

1. Both of your names

2. The date of your wedding

3. Why you think you should be “the Ones” for our Love You Back project

Put your video on vimeo, facebook, youtube… and send us an email at AND Type LOVE YOU BACK in the subject line and provide the link to that video in the body of the email. Please DO NOT post the videos on our facebook pages.

Don’t hesitate to be creative. Please, do surprise us! That’s almost an order btw 🙂 We’re both visual girls! We don’t require a big production but know that we won’t select a couple that says “Hey, pick us, we want our wedding photography for free!” Yeah, nice try…

If you want to tell us a tiny bit about your wedding day, go ahead, we’d love to hear about it.

We will both be making frequent facebook updates on the status of the contest. By becoming our “friends” or “liking” our pages, you be the first to know as the finalists are being narrowed down. We may even ask for feedback from our public so be sure to stay tuned. Tell your friends as well. You don’t have to do this to win but we always appreciate the love!
*Deadline for video submission is Midnight (MT) on April 21st, 2011*

From those submissions, we aim to select 3 finalists. We’ll interview them and make the final decision. We’ll let you know and we will all live happily ever after…fireworks please!!!

What are you waiting for? Get to work, make that video!! If you have a friend getting married, go tell them now, repost, retweet, just run with it!

If you have any questions, drop us a line at or



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