For the groom

During Sunfest this year, I came across a gem of a shop for the groom.  Have you been to Kent of Inglewood?  The motto from their website says it all…we are Canada’s Shave Shop. We believe that every man deserves a good axe, a great whiskey, and a perfect shave.


Between the dapper manager, Nathan, with his perfectly-groomed handlebar moustache, and the beautiful antique display cases filled with gear for men, I couldn’t help but feel transported back in time.  I brought along my friend Doug, whom I suspected would appreciate the luxury of a proper shave.  I was right.  Nathan gave us a demo of their shaving products from straight razors to brushes, creams and colognes.

for-the-groom-kent-of-inglewood-05  for-the-groom-kent-of-inglewood-02

I couldn’t help but think that Kent of Inglewood would be the perfect place to find gifts for your groomsmen.  Nathan told us about a recent groom who purchased an axe for each of his groomsmen.  Yes, they have those too.

for-the-groom-kent-of-inglewood-01   for-the-groom-kent-of-inglewood-04  for-the-groom-kent-of-inglewood-06 for-the-groom-kent-of-inglewood-07

This was definitely my first time photographing a steampunk weapon.  This is just a taste of the gifts and curiosities you’ll fine inside Kent of Inglewood.




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