Couples Photography on Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  I hope that this day brings you loads of hugs and kisses.  What better way to start Valentine’s day than with a romantic serving of breakfast in bed, with syrup on top.  In couples photography, it’s always nice to do a photo shoot that’s a little out of the ordinary.  Kari (from Modern Girls in Vintage Pearls) and Derek, were keen to hang out in their PJs and start the day with a cup of hot cocoa.  Before you take your first bite, here’s a little something sweet from F.  Scott Fitzgerald (Tender is the Night).

I don’t ask you to love me always like this,
but I ask you to remember.
Somewhere inside of me there
Will always be the person I am tonight.

Couples-photography-Valentines-Day-breakfast-in-bed-01Couples-photography-Valentines-Day-breakfast-in-bed-02  Couples-photography-Valentines-Day-breakfast-in-bed-03 Couples-photography-Valentines-Day-breakfast-in-bed-04 Couples-photography-Valentines-Day-breakfast-in-bed-20Couples-photography-Valentines-Day-breakfast-in-bed-05 Couples-photography-Valentines-Day-breakfast-in-bed-06 Couples-photography-Valentines-Day-breakfast-in-bed-08 Couples-photography-Valentines-Day-breakfast-in-bed-09 Couples-photography-Valentines-Day-breakfast-in-bed-10 Couples-photography-Valentines-Day-breakfast-in-bed-11 Couples-photography-Valentines-Day-breakfast-in-bed-12 Couples-photography-Valentines-Day-breakfast-in-bed-13

Couples-photography-Valentines-Day-breakfast-in-bed-18Couples-photography-Valentines-Day-breakfast-in-bed-14 Couples-photography-Valentines-Day-breakfast-in-bed-15 Couples-photography-Valentines-Day-breakfast-in-bed-16 Couples-photography-Valentines-Day-breakfast-in-bed-17

It so happens that today is Derek’s birthday so….Happy Birthday!  I hope you get lots of extra syrup on your pancakes today.

Couples Photography:  Tara Whittaker Photography

Kari’s Nightgown:  Anthropologie

Derek’s PJs:  Brooks Brothers

His & Her mugs:  Chapters

If you like the idea of being photographed in your PJs, check out this family shoot.





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