Christmas Vacation

Remember back to your elementary school days?  You would head back to school in January and your teacher would ask you to write about what you did for Christmas vacation, right?  Well that’s what I’m going to do today.  This year I took a pretty extraordinary trip to Australia with my Dad and I thought I’d share some photos, if you’d like to see.

To be perfectly honest, when I left for Australia I was ready for a break from photography.  Yes, I took my camera, but it remained nestled in it’s case for a good portion of the trip.  I took it out for things that I thought were exceptionally beautiful and those are the images I’m sharing with you today.

We began our trip in Perth, Western Australia.  It was good to see this friendly face, Nadine Pougnet from Modern Girls in Vintage Pearls.  We met in Fremantle for dinner and a little fashion shoot on ways to style a crop top.  More on this later in January but here’s a little snippet from that evening.


The Pinnacles

 christmas-vacation-australia-08 christmas-vacation-australia-07 christmas-vacation-australia-06

Christmas Eve on Rottnest Island

christmas-vacation-australia-03 christmas-vacation-australia-04 christmas-vacation-australia-11 christmas-vacation-australia-05

The Margaret River region

christmas-vacation-australia-09 christmas-vacation-australia-19

After Perth, we headed to Sydney, where we stayed just down the road from this little old beach (Bondi).

christmas-vacation-australia-02 christmas-vacation-australia-14

The walk from Bondi to Coogee.  The rocks along this walk, sculpted by sea and wind, were quite beautiful.

christmas-vacation-australia-12 christmas-vacation-australia-10christmas-vacation-australia-20 christmas-vacation-australia-13 christmas-vacation-australia-15

Sydney Harbour

christmas-vacation-australia-16  christmas-vacation-australia-18 christmas-vacation-australia-17

Thanks for popping over.  I hope you had a relaxing holiday and that 2015 brings you many new adventures.  Here’s a slide show that includes some silly iPhone shots.

Slide show music courtesy of The Ben Rose Wedding Band

Christmas vacation photos:  Tara Whittaker


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