Calgary wedding photography grooms

I saw an exciting announcement on Calgary Bride this week.  March 30th to April 4th is Groom’s Week at Ed Williams Menswear.



Calgary wedding photography grooms

During this week, Grooms receive 10% off their wedding suits, and if two groomsmen also purchase their wedding suits, everyone gets their outfits at 15% off.

Ed Williams Menswear is a beautiful, menswear boutique in NW Calgary.  Here are three reasons not to miss Groom’s week (in their own words):

  • These guys know how to make grooms look good – we mean REALLY good. 
  • These guys make shopping easy – they’ll hand your groom a bottle of beer, he can watch the game, chat with his buddies, or check emails. It’s all about being comfortable while shopping. They put together a handy tips sheet for suit shopping (this is a must read before you even get in the car!)
  • They make time for you – during their annual Grooms Week, the boys at Ed Williams keep the doors unlocked after hours. If Tuesdays at 8pm is the best time to get to the shop and figure out his suit, they’ll keep the store open just for you. All you have to do is call or email to make an appointment, and they’ll make it happen.


It’s been my pleasure to work with Ed Williams Menswear on several occasions, including this fall shoot.

Calgary wedding photography grooms:  Tara Whittaker Photography


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