The Book of Jobes

I spent last evening with my friends at Fire Exit Theatre for the dress rehearsal of The Book of Jobes, by Dr. Heidi Janz. This play tells the story of Rachel Jobes, a disabled scholar who loses her identity, but not her life for some reason, after a violent attack in her home. Based on Dr. Janz’s lived experience, this play deals with the archetypal question: “Why do bad things happen to ‘good’ people?” and the related question of whether or not suffering can, in any sense, be “redemptive?”

I wasn’t prepared for how powerful the show is, but see for yourself. It opens Wednesday night at the Engineered Air Theatre and runs until Sunday. Tickets available here. Here’s a piece from The Herald about The Book of Jobes.

Fun to see some familiar faces from New West Symphony & Chorus, who provided vocals and sound effects. Wow!


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