Behind the scenes of a cover shoot – Calgary Bridal Guide

Have you ever read _InStyle_ Magazine and opened up to the page entitled _At the Cover Shoot_? You know the page where they tell you what Beyoncé was wearing when she arrived at the shoot and what lipstick they used on her, while she texted Jay-Z on her diamond-encrusted iphone. I must confess that it’s always been a dream of mine to open up to that page and see in bold black letters on the bottom left, _*photographed by Tara Whittaker Photography*._ Who am I kidding, I’ve also dreamt of being Beyonce (or at least one of her background singers). Anyhow, I’m hoping you’ll indulge me as I’ve taken a few liberties and created my own little _At the Cover Shoot_ for the newest edition of Calgary Bridal Guide.





I wish I remembered this fellow’s name but let’s call him Paul (just for fun, because it cracks me up when people give pets ordinary, human names). We invaded Paul’s space and he guarded it fiercely throughout the shoot.


Here he is protecting his turf.


He was so diligent in fact, that he even made it into the final shot.


Our fearless leader, Lisa, being “blown away”. Maybe it was the photographs, or maybe the wind??


Many thanks to everyone who was involved in this shoot (see yesterday’s post for the full scoop).




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