Banff Wedding Photographs – A Love Story

One thing I love about my job is listening to each couple’s story about how they met. I took Samantha’s Banff wedding photographs and when I asked her how she and Brian met, she told me….
Brian and I met in an elevator on March 31st 2006. He said as soon as I walked in and he laid his eyes on me he knew that he would one day marry me (isn’t that sweet?!) I was kind of taken a back by the stranger who was so bound and determined in anyway to keep our small talk rolling. It didn’t take me long to realize he was a great guy. I walked into that elevator alone and came out with the man who would one day be my husband. At the time I was living in Arizona and Brian was in Minnesota. After our first date, which was the next day, he came back every single weekend to see me and after five months I was ready to make the move to Minnesota where we reside now. And the rest is history!


It’s fun to see how each couple incorporates that history into the story of their wedding. Along those lines, check out this sweet video from Youtube about a could-have-been love story.

As seen on A Cup of Jo


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