2000 Candles – A Must See


Wednesday night I attended opening night of the latest production at Fire Exit Theatre, 2000 Candles. As the company photographer, I’m usually snapping photos so it was such a pleasure to sit and watch. I was blown away by it. To quote the Director’s notes in the program, “it’s an evocative deconstruction of the mess we’ve made of Christmas”. There are 3 shows remaining – Friday night, Saturday at 2:00 pm and Saturday night at the Engineered Air Theatre at the Arts Commons.┬áSee the Fire Exit website for tickets and information. It’s hilarious, it’s thought provoking…I highly recommend it.

On opening night of each Fire Exit show, they have _Talk Back_ which is an opportunity for the audience to ask questions of the Director and Actors. Here are a few photos I snapped during Talk Back. Note: 2000 Candles photo courtesy of the 2000 Candles website.








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